Broadcast Studio

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The D.C. Bar Broadcast Studio Has Been Developed with One Purpose in Mind:

To promote and propel our Clients missions through excellent visual communications.

The Broadcast Studio is the focal point and command center for visual communications within the D.C. Bar’s modern, technology-focused headquarters. Whether you are looking to shoot a panel discussion, wanting to record a podcast, or just needing some guidance on how to best prepare to be infront of the camera - we've got you covered!

Join us at the D.C. Bar Headquarters to use the Broadcast Studio by reserving your studio time today. The D.C. Bar Studio is open to D.C. Bar members, clients, and the public. Our professional staff of technical experts is available to fulfill your broadcast needs.

Broadcast Studio
Studio Services

D.C. Bar Broadcast Studio Services

Live and Recorded Production
Location Production
Media Training
Graphic Design
Stock Footage

Benefits of Using the D.C. Bar Broadcast Studio

  • The D.C. Bar Broadcast Studio incorporates the very latest in production technology. We have a high-definition facility with robotic cameras, a teleprompter system, nonlinear editing, virtual sets, and multi-format recording.

  • Video and audio post-production nonlinear editing services are available for images and sound captured within our facilities using our equipment, or with content supplied from outside sources. Still photographs, video, and audio tracks can be combined to complete your project as your script demands.

  • From voiceover studio recording to single- and multi-camera field/location shoots, the D.C. Bar’s expert technical staff can fulfill your location media request. The main studio provides the ability to do complete narrations and voiceover recordings to augment your presentation. Once completed, your narrative can be used as a stand-alone or incorporated with slides and/or other visuals.

  • The professional staff also offers time-related script detailing with suggestions to make your production visually as well as aurally effective and appealing.

  • The D.C. Bar also offers media training with teleprompter options on two studio cameras.